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29.5.2011. 18:22
Antisemitizam u Evropi

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After WWII, European anti-Semitism seemed to disappear. It's back, to a very disquieting degree

by Guy Milli?re

On April 19, the Corfu synagogue, in Greece, was burned. How many Jews live in Corfu today? One hundred and fifty. How many Jews live in Greece? Eight thousand, or about 0.8% of the population. For some, it seems these figures are still far too high. Two other synagogues were burned in Greece during thepast year. Anti-Semitic graffiti on the walls are spreading all over the country.

What happened in Greece is happening everywhere across the European continent.

During the last decade, synagogues were vandalized or set on fire in Poland, Sweden, Hungary, France. Anti-Semitic inscriptions are being drawn on building walls in Paris, Madrid, Amsterdam, London, Berlin and Rome. Jewish cemeteries are being ransacked. Jews are being attacked on the streets of most major cities on the continent..
Jewish schools are being placed under police protection everywhere, and are usually equipped with security gates. Jewish children in public high schools are bullied; when parents complain, they are encouraged to choose another place of learning for their children.

In some cities people are selling their homesat any price and leaving.In some cities such as Malmö, Sweden, or Roubaix, France, the persecution suffered by the Jewish community has reached such a degree that people are selling their homes at any price and leaving.

Jews now, in fact, have to be streetwise in all European countries: men wearing askullcap usually hide it under a hat or a cap. Owners of kosher restaurants located on avenues where protests are organized close their facilities before the arrival of the participants --

A few weeks ago in Norway, when Alan Dershowitz was banned from giving lectures on the conflict in the Middle East, the professors who supported the ban used anti-Semitic stereotypes in their remarks. What happened to him is now commonplace.

In many universities in Europe, giving lectures on Jewish culture has become risky, and giving lectures on Israel anywhere -- withoutbeing clearly « pro-Palestinian » - is even more risky, or impossible...

After World War II, anti-Semitism seemed to disappear in Europe. It is back, to a very disquieting degree. Although it is not exactly the same anti-Semitism that in the 1930's, it is not fully different.

It is an anti-Semitism that is widespread in the Muslim population that settled in Europe.... It is also an anti-Semitism that allows the
far right to restate its rejection of "cosmopolitanism" --

It is an anti-Semitism that the left does not want to fight, because for it, the Muslims are oppressed, and the left is always on the side ofthose it defines as oppressed, ..

European anti-racist movements say they are very concerned about "Islamophobic racism," but they are totally reluctant to discuss the anti-Semitism in the Muslim populations.

Hatred towards Israel is now the most widely shared sentiment among Europeans, whatever their place on the political spectrum.  

As Israel is a Jewish state, European Jews are asked to be « good Europeans », and to disavow Israel. If they refuse, or worse, if they say they still support Israel, they are considered untrustworthy......

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