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1.4.2015. 22:26
JDC posjet Mađarskoj i Bosni i Hercegovini

  Poziv JDC za posjet :

Hungary and Bosnia & Herzegovina

Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina

July 18, 2015 - July 25, 2015

             JDC Ambassadors

More information: Avital Muth, Ambassadors Missions, at

Experience the inside story in two of the most stunning cities in Central Europe.

The JDC’s Ambassadors expedition to Hungary and Bosnia & Herzegovina offers unbeatable insight into the proud and challenging Jewish history of Eastern Europe and the Balkans and the critical developments today that are changing the region.

First and foremost, this trip offers a chance to meet the inspiring individuals who are creating positive change, one person at a time, and who represent the true hope of the future.

Hungary: Visit Budapest, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and meet with members of the Jewish community, from Holocaust survivors to those who grew up under communism to the children of today; understand the continuum of Jewish life as well as the passion and innovation that we are seeing among a new generation.

Be invited into the homes of Jewish families and witness the very personal impact of economic uncertainty.

Join with youth from twenty five countries spanning the globe at JDC’s flagship Jewish international summer camp in Szarvas. It serves for many as a first experience of Jewish life and may be the "happiest Jewish place in the world."

Bosnia & Herzegovina: Learn about the almost miraculous rescue of Jews and their Muslim neighbors during the siege of Sarajevo, and the very real scars of a war that pitted neighbor against neighbor.

See JDC’s Women’s Health Empowerment Program, which has managed to bring together women from across the spectrum of religious and ethnic communities, including an expansion of the model to places in Russia and Israel.

Celebrate the twentieth anniversary of this initiative, part of JDC’s non-sectarian International Development Program, which has revolutionized women’s health by spreading knowledge, empowering women to seek treatment and reducing stigma.

The Trip: The journey itself will be beautiful and moving - and take us to territory little explored by outsiders. We’ll see sites and homes; we’ll hear about national histories and the personal stories that coexist alongside them.

 The route between Hungary and Bosnia & Herzegovina will go through Serbia, and include a night in the quaint town of Novi Sad, with its small Jewish community, and some spectacular scenery along the way.

Spend the last Shabbat in the beautiful city of Dubrovnik.


$2500 per person double occupancy

$3150 per person single occupancy

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