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Novosti News

2.4.2015. 8:15
Novosti iz Svjetske organizacije preživjelih Holokausta WFJCSHD

World Federation of Jewish Child Survivors of the Holocaust and Descendants

March 31, 2015

From the Executive Committee of the WFJCSHD:

President - Stefanie Seltzer (USA); Executive Vice President - Max Arpels Lezer (Netherlands);  Secretary, 1st Vice-President - Charles Silow (2G,USA);  2nd Vice - Presidents, Rene Lichtman (USA), Daisy Miller(USA);

EC members—Anita Ekstein (Canada), Jacques Fein (OSE-USA, USA), Melissa Hacker (KTA,2G,USA),  Henri Obstfeld (U.K.); Melita Svob (Croatia);Elisheva van der Hal (Israel); Treasurer - Isaac Kot (2G,USA)

Prenosmo pismo  potpredsjednika   Maxa Arpels  Lezera 
sa  sastanka Izvršnog odbora  koji je održan u Americi. 
Osnovni zaključci se odnose na personalne promjene, proširenje Odbora na 17 članova uključenjem "druge generacije", osnivanje  Leadeship commitee" ,  Komiteta za odnose s javnošću i socijalna pitanja, te Komiteta  za konferencije. 
Diskutiralo se o mjestu slijedećih konferencija te o Claims fondovima.

Dear Friends, Fellow Survivors,

We regret to announce the resignation from his Executive Vice-President position of our dear friend Steve Adler, from Seattle, USA.
We all thank Steve for his many years of service and devotion to our World Federation.

We are pleased to announce that our new Executive Vice-President is Max Arpels Lezer, from Amsterdam, well known to all of us as the Coordinator of the 2014 Berlin Conference. Max is also the President of the European Association of Holocaust Survivors, known as the EU-AS.

The EU-AS is now pressing the European Union to appoint a special Task-Force on Anti-Semitism in Europe, long overdue. Similar requests will also be made to the European Council and the European Parliament.

Mid Year Meeting News. 8 members of the executive committee gathered in Rancho Mirage California for a 3-days long mid year meeting of the committee.  Nominations Some decisions were made of course. However all decisions, recommendations and nominations still need to be approved by the full Executive Committee and the General Board at the meetings in Houston on October 8 and 9. . 

Also decided is that the Executive Committee will be enlarged to a maximum of 17 persons. Therefore it was necessary to find 4 new E.C. members, which should be members of the second generation. 

In order to be able to respond immediately to urgent matters, a leadership committee is an absolute necessity. . Members are The President and the 4 Vice Presidents.

Bylaws These proposed changes do make it necessary that our bylaws will need to be changed and updated. 

We have formed a Public Relations and Social Action Committee. Facebook and other social media accounts will be opened. The committee will prepare a brochure for the World Federation.  

The Conference Committee. Responsibilities include update of our website,, production, printing and mailing of Mishpocha!, and sending out WFNU.

Your reporter is convinced that this opportunity to meet here in this Mid Year Meeting, is ensuring the continuity of the World Federation for the near future. Many child survivors and their descendents will benefit of this meeting.

Max Arpels Lezer