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2.4.2015. 8:52
O "Dječjem fondu"

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Claims Conference Lost Childhood Fund

Below this message is information from the Claims Conference about the "Lost Childhood" Fund. We want to add some new details. Many of us have indeed heard from the Claims Conference and been informed that it will be FIVE MONTHS until all papers with Germany are cleared and we may receive payment.

If you still have NOT had any news from the Claims Conference, contact their website: . The application became available on January 1, 2015.

Who is eligible? This fund is to recognize the specific and unique consequences of deprived childhood of Jews who survived the Holocaust as children. Eligibility is open to those born January 1, 1928 or later AND who were persecuted as Jews in (I) concentration camp or (II) ghetto (or similar place of incarceration in accordance with the German Slave Labor Program) or (iii) in hiding or under false identity for a period of at least six months under Nazi occupied territory or 12 months in axis countries (in accordance with the persecution requirements of the Article 2 Fund).

If you have never filled out a form before, you should fill out the long form because on the basis of the information provided, you may be eligible for the Ghetto Fund or the Ghetto Pension Fund.

Claims Conference will tell you, on the basis of the provided information, to which fund the applicant can be eligible.

The link where this form can be downloaded is:

More news from claims conference about "Child Survivor" or "Lost Childhood" Fund: 80% of persons known by the Claims Conference through their various funds, have returned the application form for the “Child Survivor Fund”.

All applicants have received or will receive before March 31 a confirmation of receipt. Claims Conference hopes that applicants, who are eligible, will receive payment in the summer of 2015.