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5.4.2015. 8:39

Primili smo slijedeću vijest ( iz Izraela)

Konferencija "Holokaust i restitucija" 

održati će se u Beogradu  

11-12 svibnja 2015. 

Konferenciju organiziraju slijedeće institucije:

New Balkans Institute;  Belgrade Research Center for Humanities and Arts;  Agency for Restitution of Republic of Serbia; Association of Public Prosecutors and Deputy Public Prosecutors of Serbia;  The Federation of the Jewish Communities of Serbia; The Faculty of Philosophy University of Belgrade;  The World Jewish Restitution Organization

W e are honored to invite you to participate or support our scientific conference

The Holocaust and Restitution, May 11-12 2015.

The conference will be held at the Agency for Restitution of Republic of Serbia premises, Masarikova 5/V, Belgrade.

In 2014 we have launched a permanent international conference Nationalization, Confiscation and Restitution. First conference was welcomed by embassies of Israel and USA, the European Union
delegation in Serbia, Union of Jewish communities of Serbia and City of Belgrade management

The preliminary conference opened the most important issues concerning specificity of processes that took place during Nazi occupation and subsequent communist rule. Initial idea of permanent conference
was to consider history, legal and ethic challenges, and future of property relations. The mission that brought us together comprises remembrance and needs of scientific and legal fulfillment of public responsibility. accountability. ....

Also, we are not satisfied with the level of overall relations between Serbia and the United States, Israel and Germany, and we dare to remind that these relationships, from our perspective, are crucially important and fateful.