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30.9.2015. 17:46
pismo iz ICJW Europe

Seidman Liliane objavljuje fotografiju u ICJW Europe.

Seidman Liliane

30. rujan u 13:54

Europe: Refugees break out of camps, win solidarity

On Sunday 27 September, more than 15 000 people from all age hold, in the streets of Brussels, a demonstration of solidarity towards the refugees. It was initiated under the Civic Platform Support and Refugees Welcome organization

There was a petition that collected more than 10 000 signatures for a worthy reception of refugees throughout their procedure.

I participated to that demonstration representing the Council of Jewish Women under the umbrella of the CCOJB (Committee of coordination of the Jewish organizations in Belgium).

There were mixed feelings among the Jewish community but we felt that we had to support that cause as Belgian citizens and taking in consideration that our grandparents and great grandparents have been also ones refugees.

It’s time that the citizens influence Europe and its governments in favour of a dignified welcome in the respect of international engagements and to say STOP to xenophobia reactions and open racism expressed in different ways