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3.12.2015. 9:00

Rabbi Margolin (EJA): '’We will continue our work to guarantee better security for the Jewish communities of Europe'
Written by EJP

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Rabbi Albert Guigui of Brussels: 'People understand that there is no future for Jews in Europe.'

BRUSSELS (EJP)---‘’We will continue our work to guarantee better security for the Jewish communities of Europe,’’ said Rabbi Menachem Margolin, General Director of the European Jewish Association (EJA) as he reacted to a reported statement by Rabbi Albert Guigui, Chief Rabbi of Brussels, that ‘’there is no future for Jews in Europe.’’ 

"Mi ćemo nastaviti naš rad kako bi garantirali bolju sigurnost židovskim zajednicama u Europi"- rekao je rabin Menachem Margolin- glavni direktor European Jewish Association (EJA) kao odgovor na stanovište rabina Alberta Guigui-a ( Brussels") koji je kazao "nema budućnosti za Židove u Europi". ..

Rabbi Guigui was quoted as saying in an interview with an Israeli radio station on the current situation in Brussels, capital of Belgium, which has been in a state of near lockdown since Saturday because of fear of terror attacks similar to what happened recently in Paris: “The synagogues (in Brussels) were closed, something which has not happened since WWII. The Belgians understand that they, too, are targets of terrorism. Jews now pray in their homes and some of them are planning on emigrating. People understand that there is no future for Jews in Europe.’’

‘’The European Jewish Association is determined to continue our work to ensure that the 3 million Jews who live on our continent can continue to command a safe home and to be able to freely and proudly identify themselves as Jews,’’ Rabbi Margolin said.

‘’We urge all European rabbis and community leaders to stand up in defense of the right of European Jews to remain in their historic homelands should they choose to, to support and encourage their pride in their European heritage and to similarly fight for their safety and security, as G-d forbid we should instill yet more fear in already very worrying times,’’ he added. 

’’Mi nastavljamo za našim zahtjevom svim europskim vođama da se odgovarajući zaštite židovski centri širom Europe i da se najstrože djeluje protiv bilo kojeg znaka antisemitizma i terora. 

Mi znamo da je to izazov za nas, ali samo ako uspijemo obraniti pravo na naše vjerske običaje i rituale ( košer klanje i cirkumcizija)  u brojnim zemaljama Europe,  mi ćemo raditi na  sigurnosti za židovske zajednice u Europi"

Rabbi Margolin stressed that alongside the very real concern for the security situation, ‘’we have also witnessed tremendous developments of Jewish communities across Europe, as reflected in the opening of new synagogues, Jewish kindergartens and schools, and other community institutions.’’ 

Some 38,000 Jews live in Belgium, mainly in Brussels and Antwerp.