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Novosti News

11.2.2016. 7:51

Primili smo slijedeću vijest  o WJHO ( World Jewish Restitution Organizatiuon i njenim naporima za povrat imovine  u istočnoj i i Srednjoi Europi.

The World Jewish Restitution Organization has launched a new website that will serve as a resource for Holocaust survivors and their families as well as for the growing movement of advocates seeking to resolve Holocaust-era property restitution issues in Eastern and Central Europe.

The website ( provides in-depth data on restitution issues in 18 countries. It also presents background on international declarations and resolutions that have established a clear consensus on the need to provide restitution for property stolen by the Nazi regime and subsequent Communist regimes.

Additionally, WJRO is on Facebook at, so please "like" us on Facebook, and WJRO is also on Twitter at, so please "follow" us on Twitter.

Our mailing address is:
World Jewish Restitution Organization
5 Mapu Street
Jerusalem 94189