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26.6.2016. 11:04
ICJW konferencija u Košicama

Prilažemo izvještaj Lilliane Seidman, predsjednice Europske ICJW , o konferenciji održanoj u Košicama, Slovačka. Nažalost nismo sudjelovali,  iako smo imali specijalni poziv od naše dugogodišnje suradnice,predsjednice organizacije "Ester" u Košicama Marthe  Gyoriove,  jer smo imali organizaciju europske konferencije EUAS u Zagrebu.


Dear Robyn,( president of iCJW)

I just came back from Kosice (Slovakia) where I spent a wonderful and successful 4 days, organised by Marta Gyoriova with the participation of a nice and friendly group of Slovakian women and some representatives from Europe: Austria, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Belgium and Israel. Gillian Gold, Mary Liling and myself presented ICJW through different angles in front of a nice floor of 50 people...

At the Opening ceremony, the representatives of the government Office of the Slovak Republic talked about multicultural diversities, the protection on rights and liberty, tolerance, and support development for minorities. ..

The Mayor of Kosice welcome us in the Historical Town Hall, gave us a nice speech congratulating the Association Ester for the dedication of their women’s group... . We ended the evening with a Folklore dancing show and Kletzmer music.

There was a nice balance between the lectures about Kosice Jewish history, Marriage and Divorce in Israel, the role of prominent Slovak women during World War II and guided tours of the big Synagogue... 

The closing evening was a fantastic presentation of Nabuco at the Opera of Kosice interpreted by the Kosice conductor and opera singers in a sumptuous décor.

Thanks to Marta’s hard work and conviction, we saw the soul of Association Ester through the movie: Remember the past, Live the present and Believe in the future.