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3.9.2016. 18:03
claims conference za preživjele

:PRENOSIMO SA   WWW.CLAIMSCON.ORG o pregovorima sa njemačkom vladom za pomoć osobama koje su preživjele holokaust. to su za sada prijedlozi za dogovor.

"Currently, the Claims Conference provides homecare to 67,000 elderly survivors and additional services, such as medical care, food and emergency financial assistance to a total of 121,000.  

The Claims Conference works with 240 organizations helping Holocaust victims in 46 countries. The new agreement will expand current Claims Conference aid to Holocaust victims worldwide.

These funds are used to aid elderly Holocaust victims with the activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, cooking, help taking medication, and toileting, so they may remain living in their own homes.

Additionally, the Claims Conference succeeded in raising the previous German government limit of 25 weekly hours of homecare to 40 hours. 

However, all survivors who were in  camps, ghettos or living in hiding/false identity (in accordance with Article 2/CEE Fund criteria), will be exempt from any weekly limit

Further, all Nazi victims living in former Communist bloc countries will be exempt from weekly caps on homecare hours, given the paucity of old age homes, assisted living facilities, or appropriate senior residences in the region.

Increased homecare funds will take effect starting January 2017 and will be based on several factors including unmet needs in each community and local agencies’ operational capacities.