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1.10.2016. 16:43
EJC at the 10th "Jahad" – Forum of Estonian Jewry

Jahad- 10 forum Estonskih  Židova

EJC Executive Vice-President Raya Kalenova visited the Jewish community of Estonia and took part in the 10th Forum of Estonian Jewry “Jahad” that was held in Pärnu on September 16-18th, 2016.

Prior to joining in the “Jahad” Raya Kalenova toured all the community facilities and applauded the team of the Jewish Community of Estonia led by its long-time President Alla Jacobson on their remarkable and fruitful efforts in revitalising the Jewish communal life in the country.

Visiting Tallinn in 2016 it is difficult to imagine that after the end of the WWII and up until 1992, the year when Jewish communal organization Eesti Juudi Kokugond was established, there was practically no Jewish life in Estonia. The community of today boasts of a wonderful infrastructure that consists of a community center, a recently built synagogue, a school and a kindergarten that accommodates 60 children.

The Forum of Estonian Jewry “Jahad” took place this year for the tenth time. Around 500 participants across all age groups attended this successful event.

Raya Kalenova delivered opening remarks on the first day of the forum and took part in a panel discussion devoted to challenges facing Europe and its Jewish communities today. The other speakers on this distinguished panel were Executive Director of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee in Europe Stefan Oscar, Baltic correspondent for Channel 9 (Israel) and RTVi (USA) Evgeny Erlich and economy expert Raivo Vare.

The rich programme of this impeccably organised three day forum included workshops, lectures, round tables, workshops and training sessions covering a wide range of topics from Judaism and Jewish traditions, art and history to psychology and politics. There was also a special programme for children.

Estonian Minister of Culture Indrek Saar addressed the gathering opening the recital of a renowned Estonian ensemble Hortus Musicus led by Maestro Andres Mustonen. The concert was followed by a special reception hosted by Minister Saar on the occasion of the National Minorities Day.

One of the highlights of this year’s “Jahad” was a cycling charity race “Jahad cares” where funds were raised to support elderly members of the Jewish community who require special care.