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4.11.2016. 17:55

Monument unveiled to Lithuanian Jewish Holocaust victims
Otkriven spomenik žrtvama Holokausta u Litvi

Lithuanian Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs Mantvydas Bekešius took part in an event on Wednesday to commemorate the memory of Jews killed during the Holocaust at the Seventh Fort in Kaunas.

Potpredsjednik Ministra vanjskih poslova 
Mantvydas Bekešius
sudjelovao je na komemoraciji  u Kaunasu,  u spomen na Židove koji su ubijeni u Holokaustu.

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“No monument can fill the void or relieve the suffering of those who lost their loved ones at the Seventh Fort and throughout Lithuania during the Holocaust,” Bekešius said at a ceremony held at the site. “

Up to 5,000 people, mostly Jews living in Kaunas, were murdered at the Seventh Fort in less than two months. In addition, some 1,500 Soviet Red Army prisoners died from cold at the site in the winter of 1941.