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14.3.2017. 10:03
antisemitizam i alija
Candidly speaking: Antisemitism and aliya
By March 8, 2017

Despite rising tensions in the US following the recent uptick in antisemitic acts, the prediction of a wave of aliya American Jews in response is nonsensical. Political correctness still seems to impel us to continue chanting the mantra that we are prohibited from relating to antisemitism as a cause for settling in Israel and insisting that the only motivation for aliya today is to enable a committed Jew to lead a truly Jewish life in his homeland.

Uprkos povećanju napetosti u Americi nakon  posljednjeg porasta antisemitskog djelovanja, predviđanje da će biti  veće alije amričkih Židovva nije utemeljeno. Poltički  korektno je da i nadalje  smatramo  da ne treba povezivati antisemitizam sa useljavanjem u Izrael i da nastavimo inzistirati  da je jedina motivacija za aliju  mogućnost ortodoksnih Židova da žive pravi "židovski život" u svojoj domovini.

No  bez da to odbacimo, sada je pravo vrijeme da se Židovi u dijaspori , u mnogim dijelovima svijeta , probude i susretnu sa realnošću. Oni moraju spoznati da mnogi indikatori predviđaju da će se njihova situacija pogoršati i da u nekim zemljama poziv na aliju zbog povećanog antisemitizma je vjerojatan. Znatno povećanje antisemitizma je globalni fenomen. 

Dalje čitajte u originalnom članku:

In the United States, amid bomb threats and cemetery desecrations, the principal menace is from the combined far-left and Muslim antisemites, primarily on university campuses, where Jewish students are increasingly intimidated.  

Basically, Americans are the least antisemitic people in the world. 

But Europe is entirely different. 

Here, antisemitism directly impacts upon Jews who have already been subjected to the status of pariahs and whose quality of  daily life will assuredly deteriorate. This does not suggest that Jews in Europe are facing imminent extermination as was the case on the eve of the Holocaust. The existence of a Jewish state willing to provide haven for any Jew provides insurance that such a situation will never recur. But the quality of Jewish life in Europe today does justify a call for mass emigration.

Violent Islamic terrorism, including a home-grown variety, is now a daily threat to Europeans. The influx of “refugees,” many of whom are deeply imbued with antisemitism, has only accentuated this problem, . .. 

Ironically, Eastern European countries are less hostile than their Western counterparts. France is the most extreme. In Britain, despite a positive government, the situation is disastrous on the grass-roots level and one cannot but be shocked ..

The impact of the mass Arab migration on the quality of life has created enormous resentment throughout Europe. Combined with the unexpected victory of Trump in the US, many anti-Arab populist parties have become very powerful. 

Those who no longer care about their Jewishness assume a low profile and seek to discard their Jewish identity. In most cases, their children will no longer consider themselves Jews. T

However, even allowing for the fact that Israel today has one of the most successful economies in the world, many middle-aged families may find it difficult to find meaningful employment. Most of them will remain.

They should at least encourage their children to settle in Israel. They will have the advantage of finding an enormous variety of career opportunities and be in an environment that enables them to be proud Jews participating in the growth of their homeland.