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23.9.2017. 12:21

EJC commends the German Government for adopting the working definition of Antisemitism
Europski  Židovski  Kongres pozdravlja odluku  njemačke vlade  da usvoji radnu definiciju "antisemitizma" 

The European Jewish Congress (EJC) applauds and commends the decision by the German Government to adopt the working definition of Antisemitism, as agreed last year at a conference of the Berlin-based International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA). Germany joins the UK, Austria and Romania in officially adopting this definition.

Europski Židovski Kongres  je pozdravio i komentirao odluku vlade Njemačke za prihvatanje radne definicije antisemitizma , kako se dogovorilo na sjednici u Berlinu sa IHRA. Tako se Njemačka pridružila UK, Austriji i Rumunskoj u službenom prihvaćanju deklaracije.

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“Germany is the first country to adopt the working definition after the passing of the European Parliament Resolution of 1 June 2017 on combatting antisemitism. This is a vitally important decision undertaken by the German Government today, and we hope that other EU Member States will follow soon.

 From now on, the German authorities, enforcement agencies and judiciary will be able to use this invaluable tool in the fight against hate speech and violent antisemitic attacks”, Dr. Moshe Kantor, President of the EJC, said...