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13.2.2018. 11:53
Anti-Semitic graffiti on wall of Barcelona synagogue
Antsemitski grafiti na zidu sinagoge u Barceloni

By EJP February 12, 2018 No Comments

BARCELONA— ‘’Pigs, get out of the country,” was spray painted on the wall of a synagogue in Barcelona last week. The graffiti was later erased following an order of the city’s Deputy Mayor Gerardo Pisarello, who called for an investigation into the incident.

“Barcelona is a city which is proud of its differences,” Pisarello said . » »We will not allow actions of intolerance.” The synagogue is no longer used. It serves as a cultural center and a museum and as a site to host community events.

Barcelona-  "Svinje , idite iz naše zemlje" je sprejem napisano na zidu sinagoge u Barceloni. Grafiti su kasnije izbrisani po nalogu gradonačenika Gerarda Pisarella,  koji je pozvao na istragu o incidentu.