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22.3.2018. 20:01
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Netanyahu opens exhibit at UN honouring 3,000 years of Jewish history

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu opened a special exhibit at the United Nations on Thursday that presents historical evidence of the Jewish people’s presence in Jerusalem centuries before the Christian era. Titled “3,000 Years of History: Jews in Jerusalem,” the exhibit was initiated by UN Ambassador Danny Danon and MK Zeev Elkin (Likud), Minister of of Jerusalem and Heritage and Environmental Protection.

Izraelski premijer Binyamin Netanyahu je otvorio specijalnu izložbu u Ujedinjenim nacijama. Izložba predstavlja povijesne dokaze o prisustvu Židova u Jeruzalemu  vjekovima prije Kršćanske ere. Naziv izložbe je " 3.000 godina povijesti  Židov u Jeruzalemu".  Izložba je postavljena na inicijativu Danny Danona, ambasadora u UN i  Zeev Elkina ( Likud),  ministra u Jeruzalemu  za nasljeđe i zaštitu okoline .

Dalje čitajte u originalnom članku:

Among the archaeological finds on display in the UN headquarters are a 1,700-year-old seal “belonging to the governor of the city” found in the Western Wall Plaza, a seal bearing the name of King Hezekiah from the 8th century BCE and a 7th century BCE seal with the inscription “the fifth to Netanyahu, his sons and his relatives.”...

Side by side with these archaeological wonders were also fragments of the famed “2000-year-old Dead Sea Scrolls,” which the exhibit describes as bringing to the world “an original voice of the much older writings that morally guided humanity for more than two millennia.”...

Other ancient treasures presented at the exhibit included the Tel Dan Stele, dating back to the First Temple Period around the 8th century BC; an incised menorah and “Temple Altars likely to have been made by artists” in the 1st century BC; and a Second Temple period artifact containing a tomb inscription dedicated to Uzziah, the former king of Judea.