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18.12.2018. 17:22
Pismo od Grega Schneidera iz Claims konferencije

Dear Melita,

This year again, I had the opportunity to attend the Child Survivor Conference. The conference, a remarkable gathering of survivors from around the world, every year leaves an indelible memory for me of the fortitude of survivors.....

This year marked a special milestone - it was the 30th year for the World Federation of Jewish Child Survivors of the Holocaust & Descendants conference. Both the Federation and the conference continue to grow under the visionary direction of the founder and Claims Conference Board member, Stefanie Seltzer and fellow Board member, Max Arpels Lezer. The community they have built over the years is critical as it provides a place of solace and understanding, as well as an environment of care for so many.  The Claims Conference is proud to be a long-time partner of this event and will continue to do all we can to foster these important bonds between child survivors and the generations that follow.