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Novosti News

12.2.2019. 15:28
prenosimo sa stranice Židovskog  kongresa 

Belgrade Jews accuse opposition leader of embracing Nazi ally fans

Belgrade’s Jewish community denounced comments from a Serbian opposition leader that appeared to embrace supporters of a Nazi collaborator who helped oversee the murder of thousands of Serbian Jews during World War II.

The blow-back came after political activist Sergej Trifunovic told local media that the opposition should unite supporters from across the spectrum, saying it is “totally irrelevant” whether people “keep at home a picture of… Dimitrije Ljotic or (Josip) Broz Tito.”...

“We address you on behalf of 11,000 Belgrade Jews who were killed in camps and execution places throughout Belgrade thanks to the propaganda machinery of Nazi collaborator Dimitrije Ljotic,” the Serbian capital’s small Jewish community, who today number less than 1,000, wrote in an open letter to the political leader...

“Do you think that it should be ‘irrelevant’ if in a German house there is a photograph of Chancellor Willy Brandt or of Adolf Hitler?” the letter added....