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19.3.2019. 15:44
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Brexit is pushing Jews to seek passports from countries that persecuted their ancestors

Demonstracije protiv Brexita

Portugal used to be little more than a sunny holiday destination to Adam Perry, a 46-year-old Londoner who works in procurement. But following the United Kingdom’s 2016 vote to leave the European Union, Perry, who is a Sephardic Jew, applied for citizenship in the Iberian nation. Since 2015, legislation there and in Spain allows for the naturalization of descendants of refugees persecuted 500 years ago...But, he added, it was “also a form of protest action against Brexit, with which I deeply disagree.” Perry is just one of thousands of British Jews and non-Jews who have been prompted by Brexit to apply for citizenship in other European Union member states — most notably countries from which their ancestors had fled to escape persecution.

Adam Perry, 46 godina star stanovnik Londona koji radi u administraciji je sefardski Židov koji je,  nakon odluke da Ujedinjeno Kraljevstvo napusti EU,  napravio molbu za državljanstvo  na Iberijskom poluotoku. Tamo je , od 2015. nadalje,  donijet zakon koji dozvoljava naturalizaciju potomcima izbjeglica koji su bili proganjani prije 500 godina . Ali to je također čin protesta protiv  Brexita, sa kojim se ne slaže.  Perry je samo jedan od tisuća britanskih Židova koji su poslali molbe za državljanstvo  u drugim zemljama Europske Unije, najčešće onima iz kojih su njihovi preci bježali kao izbjeglice.

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Portugal, for example, last year saw a 25-percent increase in naturalization by British citizens, though only a few dozen of the 3,832 Brits who became Portuguese last year were Sephardic Jews. 

Many more British Jews are becoming citizens of Germany, where their grandparents barely managed to escape alive.
Hundreds of them have asked for assistance from Britain’s Association of Jewish Refugees ... Since the Brexit referendum in June 2016, the German embassy in London has received more than 3,380 applications for restoring German citizenship under article 116 of the German constitution for descendants of people persecuted by Adolf Hitler’s party. 

For Jews especially, Brexit is not the only uncertainty making foreign citizenship look appealing in Britain, where anti-Semitic incidents have reached record levels for the third year straight in 2018.

According to a survey from September, almost 40 percent of British Jews would “seriously consider emigrating” if Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, often accused of condoning or promoting anti-Semitism, became prime minister.