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22.3.2019. 15:40
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www.European Jewish Congress

Croatian Jews to boycott ceremony at former Nazi camp

Dr. Ognjen Kraus, president of the Coordinating Committee of Jewish Communities in Croatia – the country’s EJC affiliate – stated that the community will not attend the official government commemoration for the victims of the Jasenovac concentration camp for the fourth straight year.

Similarly, the head of the SABA alliance of anti-fascist fighters, Franjo Habulin, said SABA would decide on Thursday whether to attend the joint commemoration.

Prime Minister Andrej Plenković last week invited representatives of SABA, the Jewish community, Serbs and Roma to take part in a joint commemoration. Kraus said the Jewish community would not accept.

“Nothing has changed over the past year. Nothing new has happened,” he told the press, citing historical revisionism and the government’s stance on the Ustasha salute “For the homeland, ready”.

The Ustasha was a Croatian fascist, racist and pro-Nazi organization whose members murdered hundreds of thousands of Serbs, Jews Roma and political dissidents in Yugoslavia in WWII