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25.2.2020. 17:28
The ugly antisemitism at the Aalst carnival

Some revelers were dressed as insects with
 fur-lined shtreimels and fake peyot and slogans
 suggesting that they are parasites.

FEBRUARY 24, 2020 21:42

The ugly face of antisemitism was literally 
on display in Belgium this week.
 The annual carnival in the Belgian 
city of Aalst went ahead on Sunday, 
with more and worse antisemitic tropes 
and themes than in the past. 
This was done on purpose.

Ružno lice antisemitizma  je jasno 
vidljivo u Bellgiji ovih dana. 
Godišnji karneval u gradu AALS-u 
se odigrao u nedjelju sa još više i gorim 
antisemitskim sadržajima  nego u prošlosti,
 a to je učinjeno namjerno. 
Prošle je godine karneval u Aalstu 
izgubio svoj status kao 
"UNESCO kulturno nasljeđe" 
zbog svojih rasističkih i antisemitskih 
 i to su učinili kako ne bi iz parade isključili  antisemitske elemente. 
Gradonačelmik je rekao:
 pustimo Aalstu da bude Aalst.

Europski Židovski kongres je osudio  karneval u Aalstu:

(Brussels, 24 February 2020) – The European Jewish Congress expresses outrage at the appalling mass display of open antisemitism during carnival celebrations

 in the Belgian city of Aalst and stands in solidarity with its

 affiliate, the Coordinating Committee of Belgian Jewish Organisations (CCOJB).

As was the case in 2019, and despite multiple condemnations

 and calls to action, the Aalst city council refused to prevent 

racist and antisemitic imagery, as well as conspiracy theories 

to be paraded around the city during carnival.

By allowing this shocking public festival of hatred to take place

the Aalst city council and the organisers have demonstrated 

that their carnival is not only unworthy of the label of 

Intangible Cultural Heritage, but that it must be singled out

 for international condemnation”, said President Dr. Moshe Kantor.