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7.4.2020. 7:54
European Routes of Jewish Heritage

European Routes of Jewish Heritage

At The Cultural Routes of Jewish Heritage, we are as committed as ever, and we continue to do our work from our own homes. Currently working on the creation of the website and on our new logo, we do our best to continue support our Project Managers.

Europska "ruta" židovskog nasljeđa

Kao uvijek mi smo ćemo nastaviti rad na "Kulturnim rutama" židovskog nasljeđa, iako sada radimo u svojim kućama. Radimo i na novoj WEB stranici i logu i učiniti ćemo sve da podupremo rad naših projektnih menadžera.

 Našli smo i slijedeći  prilog o potresu u Zagrebu:

Croatian capital hit by its biggest quake in 140 years, causing damage to the buildings of Jewish Community Zagreb. 

The Croatian Route Manager Andrea Cvetković, tells us about the current situation.

In the earthquake that hit Zagreb and its surrounding (5.6 and 5.0) on 22nd of March 2020, many buildings and houses of the Jewish Community Zagreb have been damaged.

The building of the Jewish community, the Jewish Museum and the ancient home Lavoslav Schwarz, have been almost destroyed. Also, the Synagogue, the Library, the Club and many offices are seriously damaged. 

We have the chance that no one is hurt, and all other premises are functional.

Thanks to the social service, the Jewish Community’s Office, president of the community, manager and the Council of old age home, some of the older members who cant go back home (due to the life threatening damage) live at the moment at Lavoslav Schwartz old age home. 

In this difficult moment it’s also important to say that numerous Jewish organizations and individuals, called the office of Jewish Community Zagreb to express their support and offer their help.