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13.4.2020. 6:49
Pismo iz Njemačke
Od dr. Filippa Sonntaga, poznatog istraživača i pisca  iz  Child survivors Germany primili smo  pismo podrške ali i poziv da  napišemo članak  za  " World Federation of Jewish Child Survivors of the Holocaust and Descendants ( WFJCSH&D"  Svj etsku organizaciju preživjelih Holokausta, čiji smo član.

Philipp je bio naš domaćin na Svjetskoj konferenciji u Berlinu i omogućio dolazak našim predstavnicima (8).  Upravo je  izašla njegova nova veoma zapažena knjiga  Philipp Sonntag: Forever Allert - German Child survivors in Action-  before 1945 and Beyond 2019

Mi smo se odazvali na njegov poziv i poslali članak za  WFJCSH&D . Članak se nalazi u slijedećem prilogu na ovoj stranici. 


Dear Melita,

How do you survive meantime? Wikipedia tells, that this earthquake in Zagreb/Croatia damaged 26.000 houses, and 1.900 thereof cannot be used to still live there.  Slobodan Snajder / Zagreb reported (per Tagesspiegel/Berlin April 1st 2020), that for several days the air to breath was worst worldwide. So I hope, that you are safe! 

What a challenge! Perhaps you may tell this (e-mail-) group or on the BLOG or on 
 how this earthquake and Corona virus add up to a special challenge in Croatia. 

 ... In our group André Leusink, a founding member, died a few days ago, after several illnesses including Corona. 20 years ago she organized demos against fascists in Berlin, up to 400 people joined.

 Most of our members are alone at home, and even more lonely than they had been before anyway. More than before we are now in contact with Tel, e-mail, google duo, skype - encouraging.

All the very best wishes to you dear Melita! As proven survivors, we shall overcome, we hopefully may even, all rather trapped at home, still  enjoy  ...

/ Philipp