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13.4.2020. 8:31
Zagreb- potres i epidemija
Za blog Svjetske organizacije Holokaust preživjelih (   (poslali smo, na njihov poziv, članak o potresu i epidemiji virusa u Zagrebu i našoj zajednici. Dodali smo  sada još  nekoliko značajnijih fotografija.

Melita Švob ,  Zagreb Croatia

In severe earthquakes in Zagreb on 22.March and in series which

 followed, the entire city centre is in danger. Epicenter was in village

 Markuševac near Zagreb where almost all houses are severely damaged.

 Many hospitals, museums, concert hall, churches, Cathedral, government buildings, faculties, galleries, cemetery,

 theaters, academy of sciences and thousands of houses were damaged. 

Especially dramatic moment was  when from building of the Hospital 

 for maternity  were rescuing maternity wards, new-born babies and

 babies  in  incubators. There was one death and 25 people are hurt...

Those whose homes were demolished are housed in a student dormitory, and many "field kitchens" are open in the Parks from Red Cross and town or church organizations

. Army clean streets, all traffic is stopped, all stores, restaurant, shopping and other centre are closed rather pharmacy, ambulance and bakeries. Schools are closed and  pupil learn online at home.

Ministry of education, teachers, parents and pupils are very good organized and equipped.

President Plenković with ministers  on the street after  earthquakes

Even now is danger to walk on the street because part of the building from the  damaged roof chimney fall down

.Now, for the holidays are some groceries and open market allowed  with very strict control.

An excellent Central governmental headquarters was organized by

 the  epidemiologist, the Minister of Health, the Interior minister and 

chief  of Hospital for infectious disease,

 which order strict measures and very effectively holds infection (1600

 cases with only about 30 deaths).

Government immediately issued a number of new measures. 

Jewish community buildings were also destroyed - the communal

 centre, the nursing home, the office building. Many members' buildings

 were damaged and some had to move out, some were placed in a

 Jewish old age home which is also damaged.  The Jewish Museum,

 Synagogue, Library, Club and many offices are seriously damaged. We have the chance that no one is hurt.

The president of the Jewish community in Zagreb  dr.Ognjen

 Kraus immediately ,  when Corona virus epidemic start, banned

 all gatherings, community activities, religious services and  staff 

 start  to work from  their houses and most  old people stay 

 isolated in their homes, so that we, till now,  

have no any case of  virus infection.

Social services (Claims social fund  Ana Hermanovic) and social

 worker are very good organized, with possibility for food delivery 

from old age home, nurse and other  help. 

I am recovering from heart attack, but have also office in my 

home and contact   my survivors