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16.5.2020. 10:26
Košer kuhinja u Srbiji

Primili  smo iz Claims konferencije slijedeće pismo: 



Since 2003, the Claims Conference has funded a Kosher Kitchen in Belgrade, Serbia, serving elderly and poor Holocaust survivors. From January until today, the number of those served has tripled.

In 2019, Federation of Jewish Communities in Serbia (“Federation”), partnered with the Claims Conference and took on oversight of the kitchen and its activities. Robert Sabados, President of the Federation, noted the impact of his organization’s new role with the Kosher Kitchen saying, “[I have become] aware of the importance and significance of the Kosher Kitchen for the whole Jewish community.”

Immediately following the implementation of emergency measures in Serbia, the Kosher Kitchen Project became a critical resource for the Jewish community. Professionals completely cleaned the kitchen and introduced strict sanitary measures relating to rules of conduct in the dining and kitchen space.

Maja Slater, the Kitchen Manager and Coordinator, ensures that meals are prepared on time and that all new regulations are strictly followed. ,” Maja reports. “The entrance into the kitchen is allowed only with full protective equipment. The kitchen personnel follow all precaution measures to maintain their healthy status."....

The food in the kitchen is prepared by Natasha and Momcilo Petrovic, with the help of Danijela Jovanovic, and supervised by Rabbi Isak Asel, the Chief Rabbi of Serbia...

“Particular attention is paid during the distribution of food, that suppliers do not enter in the apartments of beneficiaries, taking into consideration that they are our oldest community members,” said Daniel Bogunovic, in charge of food delivery for the kitchen. The youngest Kosher Kitchen recipient is 79.....

Mrs. R, an 84-year-old Holocaust survivor from Belgrade, receives deliveries from the Kosher Kitchen twice a week. "I am very pleasantly surprised with the functioning of the Kosher Kitchen in this difficult time, where both time and people are limited, and when it is so difficult to provide and buy necessary products.....

Mrs. G, a Holocaust survivor born in 1939 in Croatia, has lived in Belgrade since the end of World War II. She also receives two deliveries a week from the Kosher Kitchen.....
Momcilo Petrović, the kitchen chef, is grateful for all the positive feedback and stressed that the Kosher Kitchen’s main mission is to help the oldest community members in Serbia. Maja, the kitchen manager, summed it up in the following way: “[The work of the Kosher Kitchen Project in Serbia] assures Holocaust survivors that we genuinely care about them and their health, that we are here for them and that they are not alone. ..."

We are deeply inspired by the hard-working team at the Kosher Kitchen in Belgrade. Thank you to Maja Slater, Estela Eskenazi, Daniel Bogunovic, as well as the kitchen staff, Chef Momčilo Petrović, Natasha Petrović, Danijela Jovanovic, and Rabbi Isak Asiel, the Chief Rabbi of Serbia. Additional thanks go to Robert Sabados, President of the Federation, as well as to the Federation’s social team, Sunčica Prlinčević, Zoran Mevorah and Miodrag Petrović. Their efforts not only ensure that the survivors in their care will not be forgotten, but serve as an inspiration to us all as we continue to navigate these uncertain times together.

Shabbat Shalom,
Greg Schneider