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13.8.2020. 20:11
pismo Claimsa
Primili smo slijedeće pismo od Claimsa o  potrebi svjedočenja o Holokaustu i poziva da se sa stranica "facebooka" skinu sadržaji kojima se negira Holokaust.

Dear Ms Svob,

Today I ask you as warmly as I do urgently for your help and support for our campaign #NoDenyingIt against Holocaust denial on Facebook.

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg believes that Holocaust denial is not hate speech, but merely an expression of stupidity and ignorance. "I don't think they are saying the wrong thing on purpose," Zuckerberg says. That is why he does not remove Holocaust denial from his platform. The Holocaust survivors and the Claims Conference take a fundamentally different view. Those who deny the Holocaust accuse the survivors of lying and cheating. "They call us liars", said one of them, "we are not liars, we are witnesses!"

Since July 29, 2020, the campaign against Holocaust denial on Facebook, launched by the Claims Conference together with survivors, has been running very successfully. Every day, the Claims Conference publishes a new video of a survivor in social media, in which he or she appeals to Mark Zuckerberg to remove Holocaust denial from Facebook. In Europe alone, we have achieved a reach of more than 40 million so far.

We cordially invite you to support our campaign . We would be delighted if you could spread the statements, especially those of the Dutch survivors. Please link, share and comment on our posts. Max Arpels Lezer, the co-chair of the World Federation of Jewish Cild Survivors also supports the campaign and has contributed a video message. The appeal by Max Arpels Lezer will be posted today Thursday, August 13, 2020:


Below you will find the links to the general campaign video (compilation) on the different channels:


Enclosed you will find our Media Tool Kit, in which all links and further information are compiled.

Please become part of the campaign and support the demands of the survivors!

With kindest regards

Ruediger Mahlo
Representative of the Claims Conference in Germany

Konrad Matschke
Deputy Director General Issues