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13.10.2020. 22:14

Primili smo pismo od izvršnog potpredsjednika  Claims conference Grega Schneidera povodom uspjeha naše akcije za zabranu tekstova koji negiraju Holokaust na facebooku.

donosimo pismo :

Dear Melita,

Holocaust survivors have made history.

In July of this year, the Claims Conference launched the #NoDenyingIt campaign, inviting survivors from around the world to post video messages to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg urging him to remove Holocaust denial and distortion from his platform. As of Monday, October 12, we are pleased to announce that Facebook has agreed to remove Holocaust denial and distortion posts. We applaud Facebook for taking this step and look forward to continuing working with them in educating about the Shoah as well as the dissemination of its lessons.

In total, our campaign lasted for 76 days - 76 survivor video messages were posted. Hundreds of additional Holocaust survivors came forward to record a message, wanting to be sure that their voices were heard. 

This is a victory for survivors who bravely stood up and responded to this call-to-action, showing the world yet again that they will not be silenced.......

-- The amplification of this historic, survivor-led #NoDenyingIt campaign was made possible by those of you who liked and shared each survivor’s message across all of our social media platforms. In total, there were nearly 350,000 Facebook views, over 262,000 Twitter views, and nearly 20,000 Instagram views, plus social shares and likes equaling more than one million points of engagement. 

Your support ensured that every survivor who came forward was heard loud and clear.  

Holocaust denial is not ignorance; it is intentional, antisemitic and hateful. The Claims Conference will continue to pressure Facebook to follow through on the actions they have committed to today.

We will never forget.

Greg Schneider