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Novosti News

10.1.2021. 11:28

Innovative Solution Kills 99.3% of COVID-19 Germs

Israeli company Sonovia designed a powerful solution to prevent contracting the COVID-19 virus - the SonoMask. Testing trials performed by the ATCCR Testing laboratory in China proved that the Israeli-made mask kills 99.34% of the COVID-19 germs
These masks sport a top layer of zinc oxide nanoparticles that destroy bacteria, fungi, and viruses. 

Recent testing reveals that the SonoMask can knock out COVID-19 germs within 30 minutes after the germs meet the fabric.

Israel has vaccinated 17.5% of its population in the last two weeks, which is by far the largest number of vaccine doses administered per capita. This aggressive distribution campaign and the new SonoMask are two great examples of Israel’s innovative approach to the pandemic.