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26.1.2021. 11:02
Konferencije Svjetske organizacije preživjelih
World Federation of Jewish Child Survivors of the Holocaust & Descendants

Dear Friends,
Announcing a Very Special Program from the World Federation of Jewish Child Survivors of the Holocaust and Descendants!!!

1)On Sunday, January 17, 2021, our dear friend Dr. Michael Berenbaum will be speaking with us through Zoom, about issues that are timely and are of concern to us during these difficult times.

2) WFJCSHD , Max Arpels Lezer, izvršni potpredsjednik

Dear friends,
I am sending you here the agenda plus attachments for our 2 Executive Committee meeting on January 24 
 to be held with Zoom from Charley (secretary)
Charley will inform us in time about the time slots.

AS we have a long agenda I propose to work concentrated and to the point:

1] opening words by Stefanie and Max
2] minutes of our last exec comm meeting april 2020
    see attachment

3] finances of the World Federation per 12-28-2020 ( Isaac )
    See balance sheets attached

4] report and recommendations of the working comm November 3. 2019
  see attached report

5] proposal to hire Susan on a more permanent basis
6]  the Exec. Comm. 

Chair of the exec. meetings is Max as exec. V.P.

Pismo Maxa Arpels Lezera , izvršnog potpresjednika WFJCSHD:

I  thank you Melita for participating in our Exec. Board meeting.

I know and we all know there is so much going on in our various countries.

Maybe it is good if you could write an article about the political and the general situation in your country and east European countries.

Maybe We could publish this on our website

 It was nice to see you after such long time.