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18.4.2021. 8:22
baby Yar
R abbis and Jewish world leaders came together on Holocaust Remembrance Day to unveil symbolic synagogue at Babyn Yar massacre site

8 April 2021 (Kyiv) – Marking Holocaust Remembrance Day in the Jewish calendar, the Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Center (BYHMC) unveiled the very first Jewish prayer space at Babyn Yar. 

The symbolic synagogue structure was opened at a ceremony, which included special prayers led by Ukraine & Kyiv Chief Rabbi Yaakov Dov Bleich alongside nine other rabbis (numbers limited due to COVID-19 restrictions in Ukraine). The event was addressed by Jewish world leaders and other dignitaries.

Designed by renowned international architect ManuelHerz, the symbolic synagogue takes its inspiration from the pop-up book and from 17th and 18th century wooden Ukrainian synagogues. 

The symbolic synagogue is the first construction to be completed in the planned Babyn Yar memorial complex, which will stretch over an area of 150 hectares, making it one of the world’s largest Holocaust memorial centers.