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27.6.2021. 6:44
Iz Svjetske organizacije preživjelih Holokausta

Primili smo najnovije vijesti iz Svjetske organizacije Holokausta preživjelih ( World Federation of Jewish Child Survivors of the Holocaust & Descendants)  čiji smo član (Melita je član Izvršnog odbora) o probuđenim aktivnostima nakon dugotrajnog "Lock down" i drugih mjera za zaštitu naše stare populacije. 

I mi  smo stalni suradnici njihovog časopisa  svojim prilozima,  a sada pripremamo najnovije vijesti ako uspijemo organizirati druženje u parku Doma uz kavicu i kekse  i  Godišnje okupljanje i druženje u Šibeniku,  za što  smo dobili  potporu  Claims konferencije a očekujmo i  potporu ŽOZ-a iz  odobrenih sredstava budžeta za 2021.  godinu , koja je nužna za dobivanje fonda.   

Sada su nam postavljeni novi uvjeti i podnošenje nove  molbe kao i odgovor na upitnik sa 50 pitanja.  

Nadamo se da ćemo stići na vrijeme obaviti nove formalnosti.

 Iz časopisa :
WFNU    World Federation News Update

Here is news from some of our groups around the world. Please send your news to Susan Dubin at for future editions of WFNU!

From Vancouver:
Our child survivor group is doing well. There are 25 of us, most of whom attend our weekly zoom meetings on Tuesdays. We have a new program every Tuesday. A survivor tells their post Holocaust story and it’s amazing . Their journey from then to now.
We still speak to schools and now many are writing their memoirs. So far most of us are well and avoiding COVID.
On behalf of the Survivor Group of BC ,   Lillian Boraks Nemetz

From Elly Bollegraaf in Ottawa:

I myself am still in touch with a few of the members that were in our Hidden Children group here in Ottawa. This group is one that I established. Yes, we have a closeness that we maintained because of the very importance of what happened to us and t hat we share . There is that understanding between us, and the fact that we want the world to know what happened.

From Slovakia-Kosice:

Greetings from Kosice, Slovakia.... We had a lot of plans
for 2020 and also 2021, but we had to cancel almost everything.
In the Summer of 2020, when the measures were a bit more relaxed, we managed to organise an event with the writer and researcher ..In juni 2020 we organized a Slovak Hidden Child conference. As the measures were once again tightened in October 2020 we have had only online events since then. Mrs Grznarikova is organizing online meetings for the whole Slovakia, and many of our members attend them.  In these difficult times, we try to stay in touch with our members through phone calls or emails. 
Nadja Lambertova  Chair of the Hidden Child Slovakia- Kosice

From Croatia   ( Poslano za raniji broj o potresu u Zagrebu)  

In severe earthquakes in Zagreb on 22.March and in series which  followed, the entire city centre is in danger. Epicenter was in village  Markuševac near Zagreb where almost all houses are severely damaged.  Many hospitals, museums, concert hall, churches, Cathedral, government buildings, faculties, galleries, cemetery, theaters, academy of sciences and thousands of houses were damaged.  Especially dramatic moment was  when from building of the Hospital  for maternity  were rescuing maternity wards, new-born babies and  babies  in  incubators.  There was one death and 25 people are hurt...

Those whose homes were demolished are housed in a student dormitory, and many "field kitchens" are open in the Parks from Red Cross and town or church organizations.  Army clean streets, all traffic is stopped, all stores, restaurant, shopping and other centre are closed rather pharmacy, ambulance and bakeries. Schools are closed and  pupil learn online at home.. Even now is danger to walk on the street because part of the building from the  damaged roof chimney fall down ..

An  Central governmental headquarters was organized by the  epidemiologist, the Minister of Health, the Interior minister and chief  of Hospital for infectious disease, which order strict measures and very effectively holds infection.  Government immediately issued a number of new measures. 

Jewish community buildings were also destroyed -  the communal  centre, the nursing home, the office building. Many members' buildings  were damaged and some had to move out, some were placed in a   Jewish old age home which is also damaged.   The Jewish Museum   Synagogue, Library, Club and many offices are seriously damaged. We have the chance that no one is hurt.

President of Jewish community  dr.Ognjen  Kraus immediately ,  when Corona virus epidemic start, banned  all gatherings, community activities, religious services and  staff   start  to work from  their houses and most  old people stay   isolated in their homes, so that we, till now,  have no any case of  virus infection.

S ocial services (Claims social fund  Ana Hermanovic)    and social  worker are very good organized, with possibility for food delivery    from old age home, nurse and other  help. 

  I am recovering from heart attack, but have also office in my    home and contact my survivors.  
Melita Švob ,  Zagreb Croatia

From Croatia  

Commemoration of Holocaust Victims  (by Melita Svob)

The Jewish community of Croatia organized a commemoration in Jasenovac,   the main concentration camp in Croatia, for Jewish,   Serbian, Roma  and Croatian anti-Fascist victims who were murdered  in  the camp  during the WWII.  About 80,000 people perished at  Jasenovac.

The commemoration was attended by many of the relatives of  the victims as well as others.  This commemoration was organized  separately from the official Governmental ceremonies  as a protest to recent developments in Croatia.

Poruka predsjednika Max Arpels Lezera:

The WFJCSHD Annual Conference will take place November 5-8,2021 at the St. Louis Grand Marriott Hotel in St. Louis, MO. Registration information has been mailed, but you can also register online at Registration for the WFJCSH&D 2021 Conference at the St. Louis Grand Marriott is now open! | World Federation of Jewish Child Survivors of the Holocaust & Descendants (
We hope to see you there!