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29.1.2010. 20:54
The Israeli Journal of Foreign Affairs 4/1/2010

Časopis štampa Israel Council on Foreign Relations i World Jewish Congress, izdavač  je dr. David Kimche  a urednik dr. Laurence Weinbaum.

Časopis na 151 stranici donosi niz interesantnih i aktuelnih članaka:
Daniel Ayalon: Challenges to Israeli Foreign Policy
Jerusalem and Ankara
Ofra Bengio
: Turkey's Quiet Revolution and its Impact on Israel
Alon Liel: Israeli-Turkish Relation under Strain
Efraim Inbar: Israeli-Turkish Tension and Beyond
Jerusalem and Stockholm
Moshe Yegar : An End to the Swedish Game?
Then and Now
Matthias Kuntzel: Iranian Antisemitism: Stepchild of German National Socialism
David Radman: If I Am Not for Myself- Methods and Motives behind Israel's Quest for Military Self-Reliance
Sharon Pardo: Understanding Israeli-EU relations: A Matter of Perceptions and Images
Louis Rene Beres: Undersanding the "Correlation of Forces" in the Middle East: Israel's Urgent Strategic Imperative
Raphael Israeli: China's Uyghur Problem
Shmuel Bar: "The Intransigent Israeli?"
Dore Gold: The Rise of Nuclear Iran: How Teheran Defies the West
Philip Carl Salzman: Culture and Conflict in the Middle East
Loren D. Lybarger: Identity and Religion in Palestine: The strugle between Islamism and Secularism in the
Occupied territories
Dan Senor and Saul Singer: Start-Up Nation: The story of Israel's Economic Miracle
Robin Shepherd: A State Beyond the Pale: Europe's Problem with Israel
Raphael Israeli: The Islamic Challenge in Europe

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