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2.1.2022. 7:58
Claims izvještaj Grega Schneidera

2021 was an important year for Holocaust survivors. For sure, it was another challenging year, a year full of continued uncertainty brought about by the ongoing and dynamic pandemic. However, it was also a year full of joys and achievements for Holocaust survivors.

In spite of COVID-19, the Claims Conference family was able to address the needs brought to us by our agency partners, negotiate with Germany, and care for Holocaust survivors around the world.

• Over 150,000 Holocaust survivors around the world received homecare, medicine, food and other welfare services as the Claims Conference allocated  millions to 300 agencies;

• Nearly 50,000 Holocaust survivors received pensions from the Claims Conference and a new pension program was established which will provide ongoing payments to another 6,500 Holocaust survivors;

• 155,000 Holocaust survivors around the world received a supplemental payment , in two installments.

From our partnership with Hatzalah to vaccinate survivors in Israel, to the $13.5 million the Claims Conference secured from Germany to support survivor vaccinations around the world, we continued to keep up with the ever-changing requirements of COVID-19.
Our #ItStartedWithWords campaign highlighted survivors reminding the world that the Holocaust did not start with concentration camps and ghettos, but rather with words of hate, something we can understand and be mindful of in our everyday lives.

 Our negotiations with Germany resulted in  million in direct compensation to more than 200,000 Holocaust survivors and more  million to 300 partner agencies across the globe.

We marked the Claims Conference’s 70th anniversary, we celebrated Rosh Hashanah and other holidays, and we honored Holocaust survivors during our 5th annual International Holocaust Survivors Night.

Thank you to the entire Claims Conference family and all of our partner agencies for an incredible year of service to Holocaust survivors. As we go into a new year, we will continue to honor Holocaust survivors, work together to achieve a small measure of justice and provide for survivors in the later years, and commit to spread the history and lessons of the Shoah.

Wishing a healthy and safe New Year!

Greg Schneider