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Novosti News

10.1.2022. 9:18

The Kindertransport Association has invited members of WFJCHSD to join them at their event:

Sunday January 16, 2pm EST

The KTA is delighted to present a talk on Holocaust and Kindertransport Memorials with the historian and writer Amy Williams, a recently minted Phd who is currently writing her first two books on the Kindertransport with Mitteldeutscher Verlag and Yale University Press (2023). 

Amy will give a historical overview on Holocaust Memorials, from statues to Stolpersteines to statues to wall plaques and more, and then focus on Kindertransport memorials internationally. 

Professor of Contemporary History Bill Niven, co-author of the forthcoming Yale University Press book, will join to speak on Kindertransport Memorials in Germany. Discussion and questions will follow the presentation.

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