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31.1.2022. 7:37
ICJW Newsletter

Najnoviji broj glasila ICJW- International Council of Jewsih women posvećen je antisemitizmu što u uvodnom članku govori predsjednica ICJW Penelope Convey.

Welcome to the ICJW Newsletter for 2021. It is a bit late arriving, but  COVID has altered all of our timelines.

We chose Antisemitism as our theme for this newsletter because it is a problem for every country with a Jewish population. 
We clearly need to educate young people about this longstanding hatred, as education  is the key to understanding and hopefully resolution.

We present fascinating articles describing various aspects of
antisemitism, including at the United Nations and online. I hope
you will be inspired to read our wonderful interview with Evelyn
Askolovitch (or Ascot), a long-standing member of the ICJW
Executive and a survivor of the Shoah. She has been recognized
by the French government for her energetic work in Holocaust
education – an important aspect of fighting antisemitism.

It struck me when reading these articles that there are some
clear similarities between COVID and antisemitism. Both are
spreading in every country of the world, and both are proving
difficult to completely eradicate. Every time you think you are
winning the battle, a new variant appears which requires a
different treatment!

Perhaps the articles in this newsletter will inspire you to get
involved in the battle against antisemitism in some way.

I really hope that we will be able to meet in person in May for our
Convention, but only time and COVID will tell!

Keep well and stay positive.
Best wishes,
Penelope Conway
President, ICIW

  •  Antisemitism at the UN  
  •  The Durban Anti-Racism Conference 
  •  Countering Contemporary Antisemitism  
  •  Digital Antisemitism 
  •  Bearing Witness: Evelyn Askolovitch 
  •  The Herczeg Jerusalem Seminar 
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