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4.8.2010. 23:36

Prenosimo iz vijest o vjenčanju Clinton-Mezvinsky

Clinton-Mezvinsky wedding raises questions about intermarriage

By Jacob Berkman · August 3, 2010

Marc Mezvinsky and Chelsea Clinton during their wedding ceremony, July 31, 2010. (Genevieve de Manio)NEW YORK (JTA)

Is it possible that the first iconic Jewish picture of the decade is of an interfaith marriage?

Photographs taken Saturday show the Jewish groom wearing a yarmulke and a crumpled tallit staring into the eyes of his giddy bride under a traditional Jewish wedding canopy with a framed ketubah, a Jewish wedding contract, in the background.....

We should “celebrate the full acceptance of Jews by the larger society that this marriage represents," Hebrew Union College sociologist Steven Cohen told JTA via e-mail from Jerusalem....
The wedding had more than just a Jewish flair.....

The marriage took place under a chupah. Friends of the couple recited the traditional “sheva brachot,” the seven traditional Jewish blessings given to the bride and groom. The groom broke a glass with his foot, as is tradition....

The marriage has pushed the internal Jewish community debate about intermarriage into the view of mainstream America.

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