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18.4.2024. 7:59
Izašao je novi broj časopisa "Lamed"  ( na engleskom) kojeg uređuje i priprema Ivan Ninić, Izrael.  Ovaj broj je posvećen Izraelu

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·         Neil Rogachevsky: What Would Ben-Gurion Do?

·         Maayan Jaffe-Hoffman & Erica Schachne: Sharansky- Oslo sowed the seeds for the October 7 massacre

·         Elliott Abrams: The Two-State Delusion

·         Daniel Pomerantz: On Palestinian statehood

·         Michael Milshtein: Why is it so difficult for Israel
to  decipher Hamas?

·         Melanie Swan: Iranian bombs dropped on Israel are transported on ships using European ports

·         Erin Snodgrass: Russian dissident journalist warns no country - not even the US - is safe from fascism after Ukraine war

·         Cookie Schwaeber: Europe's no-go Jewish zones are only the beginning

·         Tom O'Connor: With World's Attention on Gaza, ISIS Is Making a Global Comeback

·   Ken Brill: Netanyahu's war is lost. It's time to save any chance for peace.