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2.11.2010. 16:02
Novi broj magazina Yad vashema

Izašao je novi, jesenski broj časopisa kojeg publicira Yad Vashem : Newsletter No. 19, November 2010
                                Whats New
- Chinese Educators Attend First of Its Kind Seminar at Yad Vashem
Some twenty Chinese educators recently participated in a 2-week seminar at Yad Vashems International School for Holocaust Studies. This first of its seminar of its kind brought together participants from China, Hong Kong and Macau, for in-depth study of the Holocaust and how to teach it in the classroom. For most of the participants it was their first visit to Israel. .....

..International -Conference Explores Polish Attitudes toward Jews
How did Polish society and people deal with the fact that the Holocaust, to a great extent took place in their midst? How did Jewish survivors rebuild lives in Poland? A four-day international conference exploring Polish attitudes toward Jews and the events of the Holocaust was held in October by the Diana Zborowski Center for the Study of the Aftermath of the Shoah of the International Institute for Holocaust Research at Yad Vashem..... -


-The updated Museum Complex section on Yad Vashemswebsite has been redesigned, allowing online surfers to more easily visit the Museum Complex, take a virtual tour of the Holocaust History Museum, and look at related online exhibitions. ....

museum complex 

-Looking Through the Lens of History, presents a series of online mini-exhibitions that focus on a single theme, bringing together documents and photographs in a brief, yet interesting examination of the subject matter.

Among three newly created segments is Studying Arabic in Theresienstadt, offering a fascinating profile of Dr. Mojzis Woskin-Nahartabi. ....

Looking Through the Lens of History

                            Recent Events
- Marking the Liberation of Libya
Hundreds of former Libyan and Tunisian residents, Ministers of the Knesset and other distinguished guests recently assembled to mark 68 years since the liberation of Libya by the British. Israeli singer David Daor, himself of Libyan descent, moved the gathering with several heartrending songs. Prior to the outbreak of WWII, some 30,000 Jews lived in Italian-controlled Libya. In 1942, conditions worsened for the Jewish community and Jews were deported to concentration camps. Jews with French and Tunisian citizenship were deported to Tunisan and Algeria, and British citizens were sent to concentration camps in Europe. In December 1942, Libya was liberated by the British forces.
                              New Publications
-In the Shadow of the Red Banner: Soviet Jews in the War Against Nazi Germany. Yitzhak Arad in Association with Gefen Publishing House, Over 500,000 Jews fought under the Soviet banner in WWII, of which an estimated 40 percent gave their lives - the highest casualty rate of any group in the Soviet Union. 


In the Shadow of the Red Banner: Soviet Jews in the War Against Nazi Germany

                        Yad Vashem Magazine

The fall edition of Yad Vashem's quarterly magazineJerusalem is now available online.

Highlighted is the online communities project which focuses on an individual community to describe its uniqueness in a special virtual exhibition.

Other articles focus on Yad Vashem's role in a new initiative of the EU to make Holocaust documentation fully accessible, a unique program which films survivor testimonies in the locations where the events took place, educational endeavors, new research, recent publications and more.

Yad Vashem Magazine