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3.12.2010. 21:14
Pomoć stradalima od požara u Izraelu

U prilogu su članci o  velikom požaru u Izraelu i  međunarodnoj akciji pomoći stradalima. I Hrvatska je poslala kanader i ekipu da pomogne u gašenju.

World Jewry to raise funds to help victims of Carmel fire
By GIL SHEFLER       12/03/2010 17:18 (Jerusalem Post)

Jewish Agency, JDC have people on ground in northern Israel helping residents flee flames, putting plans in place to help victims rebuild lives.
As flames continued to consume large parts of the Carmel mountain range in northern Israel killing atleast 42 people and causing the evacuation of tens of thousands of local residents, Jewish organizations and communities around the world began mobilizing on Friday to provide relief for those in need.

Analysis: Heroism, resilience… and gnawing questions
40 prison guards dead after bus engulfed in fire
Carmel fire victims laid to rest across the country

"We are going to take 2,000 Druze and Jewish children - at a time of crisis we see no difference between Jews or non-Jews - "We've also helped around 100 families be evacuated to three separate locations." provide....

At the same time JDC spokesman Michael Geller said his group will soon be accepting donations through its Website that would be used to help vulnerable segments of society in the areas affected by the flames.

More than 40 killed and 13,000 evacuated in “worst disaster in Israel's history"; fire now threatening Haifa 

A fire on the Carmel Mountain near the city of Haifa, in northern Israel, has killed at least 40 people – among them students, prison guards and firemen who were racing to evacuate the Damon prison. When a fallen tree blocked a road, their bus was trapped in the flames, killing 40 of the 50 passengers. By the early hours of Friday morning, emergency services had recovered 35 bodies, of which 22 had been identified, according to television reports. Seven survivors were left in critical condition and evacuated to Haifa hospitals. A spokesman for the firefighters told the ‘Jerusalem Post’ the blaze, which was fanned by a strong easterly wind, had traveled 1,500 meters in less than three minutes, adding that "the bus had no chance.”

The forest fire has left a trail of devastation, and Israeli authorities have so far evacuated 13,000 people living in the area, and asked for foreign assistance. Haifa Mayor Yonah Yahav said that "the flames have spread on a scale we have never seen."...

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the fire a "disaster on an international scale."