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19.12.2010. 18:07
Web ili Blog

What is the difference between the Blog and Website? By Yossi Taieb

Koja je razlika između "Bloga" i Web stranice objašnjava se na primjeru, koja je i blog i WEB

For some time thousands of new blogs have appeared and they're creating every day around the world. 

Many of you ask the following question: 
Why was there a site and also a blog?

What a website? 

The website is organized by topics and pages (not in chronological order like a blog). 
There is a menu with themes (left in the case of our site) that allows access to sites and topics of interactive areas on the right which provide access to the other categories of sites.

What is a Blog? 

A blog is a website that is organized so that you can publish articles in chronological order (the most recent article being placed on the front page).
The blog has a well-defined shape. 

What is the difference between a website and a blog? 
The Blog is a great tool for publishing notes and interactive items. 

The website offers more freedom in the creation and presentation, as it does not face the stress of organizational Blog. The website (custom) is more suited to the publication of records.

Create and manage a website requires a continuous reflection on the organization and structure, because everything is open and there is no limitation.

Unlike the blog, everything is to design and realize that its navigation is easy and enjoyable. 

The blog has a well-defined by its technical concept. 
The webmaster of the blog will choose once and for all, the model based on its project and will dress according to their tastes.
The moderator of the blog will get their tickets without any technical constraint if not chronologically. 

The Internet revolution
Anyone can publish their information without going through a publisher 
Users can comment on a blog and tickets and give their opinion.
Anyone can set up a participatory web and see new players express themselves on the internet.
- etc

But the difficulty is that of being seen and being read! 
Today, it seems that users have a choice and surf 2 to 3 reference sites and will read the articles they receive through email. 

On, we chose to use the 2 techniques with the Site and Blog.
This enables us to offer our visitors tickets with the possibility to react and post comments and also dozens of records, as Israel A to Z , the History of Israel , the Jewish Community of Tunisia , etc. ... 

We also have specialized modules as " overlooked "," greeting cards "," NER Hazikaron "," classifieds "," Photo Album ", etc ... 
We offer our guests services that few sites can offer.